MYKONET™ helps enhance the power of Mycorrhiza, a symbiotic relationship formed between the roots of a plant and a special kind of fungi. These fungi supply water and nutrients to the plants in exchange of carbohydrates and nutrients. Not only that, the plant is protected from drought, fungal infections and nematodes.

Mycorrhiza are an important part of the soil life and chemistry. One of the reasons behind the success of mycorrhiza in building this symbiotic relationship is its ability to increase the absorptive capacity by widening the root ratio. Mycorrhiza colonizes the host plant's roots through which it provides the necessary nutrients. Plant roots alone are incapable of absorbing the phosphate ions from the soils.

The Mycorrhizal fungus is capable of absorbing them from the phosphorous sources and thereby compensate the inability of the plant roots. They have also been found to play a protective role for plants rooted in soils with high metal concentrations, such as acidic and contaminated soils. Mycorrhiza and the host plant exemplify an ideal and a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Years of research has gone into the making of this product. We are committed to addressing the concerns and problems of the agriculture sector. MYKONET™ is a humble endeavor in this direction.

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